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Being unique.

Each of us is unique and individual.

We stand out for our personality, our character, our way of thinking and appearing. What we are is the result of our experiences, culture, education, influenced by family, friends, travel, music and we must always be proud of ourselves and of what differentiates us from others.

We are special beings, each with our own heart and soul, we cannot be compared to anyone.

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A sky of NFTs.

What else is as unique as people? The NFTs. You only own that non-fungible token and it’s as unrepeatable as you are.

So let’s try to imagine the blockchain together as an immense sky, scattered with clouds, and each one of them represents an NFT.

No cloud is identical to another, there is no NFT equal to the other and there is no such person as another.

Choose your cloud.

CloudyChain is our sky of clouds: each with a different adjective, name, profession and color. Only you know which one is yours, which one best describes you.

There are also many special releases waiting for you, because after all .. Is one word enough to describe us?!

You are happy? Creative? Loving? Choose the cloud that best represents you and find yourself within the blockchain!

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